Skin & Bones

by Amber Valentine

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I meant to write more parts to most of these songs. I also meant to use decent sounding recording software. But instead, I did this.

This is an album about ghosts and I tried to make it sound that was. Included in this album is the ghost of my dead father, the ghost of a relationship, ghosts ripped off youtube videos, the ghosts of melodies from songs I wrote years ago, the ghosts of children, presidents, soldiers, my grandparents, and more ghosts that I'm sure I've forgotten about but will later edit in. I guess it's heavy. I guess it's dark. I think it's haunting. I know I like it.

If it sounds like it was recorded on an ipod in a basement, that's because it was.


released October 31, 2014

Amber Valentine - Most Things (Many different pianos, a little ukulele, ambient sounds, field recordings, vocals, words, winding up music boxes)
Jordan Evans - A few things (Violin, a little ukulele)



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Amber Valentine Detroit, Michigan

Amber Valentine is a girl who likes spooky things. She writes a lot of songs about ghosts, bones, and teeth on her out of tune upright piano.

If you like the pictures you see on this page, check out more of my 35mm pics at the link below!
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Track Name: Skin & Bones
(It goes on and on until it disappears, like we go and on until we disappear)

I feel distance ache inside of me swelling like a sea
I would only be ambitious enough to swim in my dreams
I trace the expanse of your back at night when I can't sleep
As if my fingertips are the breeze

But Oh! Oh!
You give me some place safe to exorcise the demons clawing under my skin
And calm all these off-rhythm heartbeats
Clinging to your bed sheets as if they were my skin
And you're my bones

(I wonder when I'm gone if you'll still listen to my songs
Because I swear to god, you still think of me
And I still feel all I felt
Though the daylight seeping through my window makes it hard to breath)

I was more patient than I knew I could be
Watching seasons mar bark off of sycamore trees
Like weeds overtaking the garden we grew
I have roots
Track Name: Antigone
You've barricaded your bones inside of your father's home
And I am lonesome
Track Name: Cariosity
"O, farewell, farewell!"
I say goodbye and I linger as I watch you drive away from me
My body buckles at the thought that you are gone
So I remain upon these dirty sheets
Begging your ghost for company

Begging your ghost for company

I've been caterwauling and my cried have lured handsome boys from out their houses
But you've barricaded your bones inside of your father's home
& I am lonesome

I am lonesome

So I've been packing up your heartbeats in my suitcase again
And I've been listening to the dissipating diapasons that you left
As my teeth all tumble into my palms
And my molars, they will shatter as they fall on to the ground

As my teeth all tumble into my palms
And my molars, they will shatter as they fall on to the ground
Track Name: Seance II
I don't often remember my dreams
But when I do you're in them

My memories are haunting me
The ghosts of unborn children
Track Name: Ghost Story
Oh, oh! Here I go!

You remind me of a ghost I used to know
Getting lost sleepwalking, I keep waking up alone
With intentions to rid your brain of bad dreams
I've been whispering words like water color paintings

So I wonder if your walls are weeping
Desolate in darkness and despair
Though your doppelganger's been haunting my bedroom
He's been wearing your face
And my grandfather's heirlooms remind me I must be holding out for something

Oh, oh! Here I go - Dreaming in a daze of "could've been"
Like you're someone so different
Track Name: (Untitled)
All the meadows we let lick our legs with petals shine with dew now
And the grass has drowned from all of the tears I have cried
As we pass other fields full of fathers who kept their daughters dearer to them did mine

I've bit off my nails to the point that it is painful
And it hinders me each morning as I claw at my damp face
Track Name: Fly Me To The Moon
(Long ago and oh so far away
I fell in love with you)

I grind my teeth in the night when I sleep

"I looked at him and I made eye contact and through his window, I saw us going towards the semi about to hit us and I knew... I was gonna watch the man I love die and then I was going to die. And it was going to hurt a lot."
Track Name: You Drown
Oh, my six sick sisters are so sad without you near
And I am ailing
I'm failing at all I thought I could succeed
I cannot siphon off the liquid in your lungs

I cannot siphon off the liquid in your lungs

Oh, I have watched you drown yourself one thousand nights
And I am fretting
I am losing all the balance that I had
I cannot hold on to you if you're not there

I cannot hold on to you if you're not there

I remember when I almost watched you die
It's in my nightmares like a spring trap
Under cedar leaves
So sister, sister!
Won't you ease this fever with your cures for everything?
Write a novel of prescription pages for my anxieties

Oh, you drown
You've drowned yourself
I'm drowning in my tears
I am watching all my fears
Bloom like wild flowers
Every hour on the hour
My heart skips a beat
And though it's fleeting
I can't breath