Yr Heart Is An Organ

by Amber Valentine

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I wrote this song at 2 pm, recorded it on my iPod touch at 2:30, and put creepy sounds over it at 3:00. Now it's on bandcamp.

You know, sometimes songs are more about getting an emotion out of your body than creating a sublime piece of flawless work.


(Fiona Apple's Werewolf)
We can still support each other
All we gotta do's avoid each other
There's nothin' wrong when a song ends in a minor key

(Congratulations from Hamilton)
I languished in a loveless marriage in London
I lived only to read your letters
I look at you and think God what have we done with our lives
And what did it get us?
It doesn't wipe the years or the tears away
But I'm back in the city and I'm hear to stay
I know what I'm here to do - And I'm not here for you

(Yr Heart Is An Organ)
So why dry yr eyes
When that gentle girl that caught your teardrops been vilified
In your uncertain mind
And Jesus - He knows you rly tried
But you don't believe in God
So Jesus, he don't mean much

All the stepping stones
They're sinking
And the bridge's ropes long been frayed
So now you're thinking that maybe it's better that you just stay
In this chasm your carved out
Of all the sorries you never said
And all the things that you never did
Oh you will find a safe place to lay yr head
And dream of her again
Just like she's the real thing
Only with less fighting

So why dry your eyes?

(The Haunted Mansion)
Hurry back!
And don't forget to bring yr... Death certificate.

Oh oh here I go! Dreaming in a daze of could've been, like yr someone so different & this is what I wanted.


released March 22, 2017
Noise by Amber V.



all rights reserved


Amber Valentine Detroit, Michigan

Amber Valentine is a girl who likes spooky things. She writes a lot of songs about ghosts, bones, and teeth on her out of tune upright piano.

If you like the pictures you see on this page, check out more of my 35mm pics at the link below!
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